La antipsiquiatría y los experimentos con otras subjetividades no normativas en una sociedad en transición. R. Huertas.
8 febrero, 2019
Letras locas: del yo disidente al activismo en primera persona. R. Huertas.
18 marzo, 2019

Psychiatrists and mental health activism during the final phase of the Franco regime and the democratic transition. R. Huertas.

In the final years of the Franco dictatorship and during the period known as the democratic transition, there were a significant number of protests in the sphere of mental health in Spain. This article analyses the origins and functioning of the Psychiatric Network, which emerged in 1971, its connection to the formation of professional organizations and its role in the reception of anti-psychiatry ideas in Spain. We reach the conclusion that, although the Network’s activities took place within a left-wing political and ideological framework, and at such an important time of social change as the end of the dictatorship, its discourse and practices always demonstrated a marked professional approach.

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